Video Post Production: Dark Before Dawn

‘Dark Before Dawn’ is playing at the 36th Cleveland International Film Festival, Wednesday, March 28th at 9:45 PM during the Ohio Shorts Program.  Grab a ticket online and we’ll see you at the show!

We’ve been busy providing post production services for a short independent film that was produced by SpeakEasy Factory, LLC., an independent film production company located in Cleveland, Ohio.  ‘Dark Before Dawn’ was recently accepted into the Cleveland International Film Festival.  Which is an appropriate release for a film that was shot and produced in Cleveland.   It has also be accepted into Myrtle Beach Film festival and will be submitted to more festivals.

It was a great experience working with Paul and Christina to overcome the technical and creative challenges facing filmmakers.  After finishing this film we are all looking forward to collaborating on another film in the future.  Here’s a quote about Speakeasy Factory’s experience working with us to finish their film, ‘Dark Before Dawn’.

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Greg on multiple occasions, including for post production work (editorial and color grading) while finishing our latest film.  Greg brings top-notch talent, creativity, and technology expertise to our projects.  Any team would be stronger for having Greg on it.  Very highly recommended.”

Christina Grozik
Paul Shaia
Speakeasy Factory

Professional Services on this project

– On Set Stills Photographer
– Visual effects on a few shots.
– Assistant Editor (Technical Editing, Audio & sound recording & editing, dropping in the produced music to sync with the story,)
– Color Grading of Footage shot on a Red One Camera
– Motion Graphics for the End Credits in collaboration with Luis Cabrera
– DVD & BluRay Authoring with 5.1 Dolby Sound mix
– Media management & Digital Asset Archiving
– Social Media setup

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