“Visual stories are a great way to share a concept in an imaginative way and sell great ideas to your audience.” Let us make your story memorable and compelling.”

Gregory Wilson

My work strives to create memorable stories through stunning visual arts combining digital design, 3d animation, motion graphics, photography and video. In exploring the visual media creation process, I continue to develop my unique creative style alongside solid technical skills. While my technical skills can make all the difference in crossing the finish line, my energy and ability to be a team contributor make me an ideal addition to your next creative project. My colleagues constantly inspire me with their talent and skills and I am constantly pushing myself to learn and take risks. For creative projects, I enjoy developing unique stories with an emphasis on character development driven by breathtaking visual sequences. My passion is to put creativity in motion, to add color and help organizations and people find the right audience for their message. I’m a problem solver, who is eager to collaborate to produce creative solutions that will will exceed your organizations communication and marketing goals.