FXPHD July 2008 Term Review

Wow.  What a great term!  This was my first time taking courses at fxphd.com and definately not my last term.  I’m actually going to be budgeting for every four terms from now on.  When I first signed up it was hard to make my 3 selections because of the variety of courses that I knew I would benefit from taking.  Basically they have way to many awesome courses it is hard to choose.  To make the situation worse they let you preview the first two weeks of every course.  In total I believe they were offering 28 different courses.  The classes that I really wanted to take included afx 302, c4d202, drk301 (VFX for Indie Films), Shk 102, 201, 302 and of course sys101, sys201.  Trust me the other courses I previewed were also amazing, but let’s face it choices have to be made every once in a while.

Course Certificates

To find out what courses I signed up for check out the FXPHD course completion certificate verification page at ( https://www.fxphd.com/verify )

my unique cert. # : DUG2FPDTCPCLE

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